Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kelly Cutrone

Firstly, I'll have to admit. I'm terrible with names; designers, artists, friends, friends of friends, describing words.. anything really. So, when a friend from Uni told me that her cousin had met Kelly Cutrone and I gave her a response of 'who?' The shock was clear on her face. Then after trustworthy google (whom I usually use when I come in these sticky situations on trying to fill the blanks of these gaps in my memory) I realised that she was the Super Woman/ Super hard ass bitch off Kell on Earth. 

Another friend had told me about a special on Dr Phil about these spoilt little.. actually no. Middle aged bitches who had everything given to them. One of them - Josie, an overweight, rude, selfish, rude, blinded, diluted, fucked in the head woman.. that I would seriously punch in the face repeatedly. She is the most fustrating breed of person that it's actually hard to think people like this exist. You know those people that need constant attention and that are so superficial that it's almost a joke? well it's not. I only watched The Spoiled & Entitled Girls Return episodes (Which is the second half).. but the returns are so worth watching. 

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